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get this book, read it, learn it. you want to learn the other things we talked about, find this at, in an hour, we have a live welcome to "red eye." it is like full house, if by full you mean crack. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. andy, what's coming up on tonight's show? >> coming up, what is phony phone repairment james o'keefe up to now? the shocking story that will make you miss "the love boat." and a chicago woman takes the law into her own hands and shoots a 12-year-old boy who threw bricks into her home. some say she is a hero, but others say she is a heroin. and what song is most likely to make men cry? our allstar panel debates. but any answer other than the black eyedd peas "i got a feeling" will not do. >> you told the story about the old lady. >> away you moldy rogue, you a way.
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-- away. i apologize for nothing. >> why should you? let's welcome our guest. i am here with anne coulter. she is a political commentator, who knew that? she is so smart that cheese wiz is now known as cheese coulter. and john devore. if common sense was coffee beans, i would grind him every morning. and bill shultz, his stench sets off car alarms. and the great actress, if acting skills were lake trout i would bone him on my kitchen opt coulder. and he fid fiddles as his circulation is near zero. good to see you, pinch. >> hate to do this on camera, but you are two weeks late with your prescription check. and i heard they failed to renew your subscription president. >> nice.
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well, she took the law into her own wrinkled hands. an elderly chicago woman was so fed up with harassment from a 12-year-old boy, the worst ibd could of boy, she shot the kid after he and his pals threw bricks into her home. the youngster has been charged with a crime while the 68-year-old woman is not on grounds she acted in self-defense, and she is awesome. neighbors say the boy was bullying her for awhile, breaking stuff in her shed and setting her garbage on fire. when he broke her windows, i think this is one here, she reached a breaking point, and she called the police. and sting showed up. no, when they left though the boy came back and that's when she grabbed the gun. others say neighbors dash other neighbors say she was not acting in self-defense and she should be charged with attempted murder of a child.
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>> you know, i really think our chicago bureau dropped the ball on this one. >> i thought he was spot on. >> you know, we have a recession going on, close the chicago bureau. it is a waste of money. and this woman, an american hero, oh yeah. >> and she is saving on not having to buy halloween candy this year. >> that is true. maybe it was staged so she can do that at the end of september. no one is going there. >> and you claim some of the neighbors were not defending her. okay, i was like bill shultz, i didn't totally read the story. i skimed it. >> how dare you? >> and one of the only people i saw defending the 12-year-old boy was his grandmother which suggests to me he is being brought up by his grandmother, and with that the prosecution rests its case. >> it is a statement on society you just stated.
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i'm way ahead of the curve here. steven, always a pleasure to see you. do you think she went too far or not far enough? >> i think she was right in what she was doing. she wasn't asking for id or how old are you? she didn't say, you are 12, 13, 18? are you old enough to get killed? they are bothering this old woman. she is frightened for her life. she takes out the gun and see you later. >> guns solve all these problems. >> but it begs the question, what is not far enough? what else does he do? put the gun in his hand and make it look self-inflicted? >> nobody want to shoot kids. okay, here is the thing, she is a widow. she is working two jobs. can't you understand her frustration? she is being bullied by a group of kids. this is an option that she probably the only one she had left. >> none of us are pro shooting kids, but i sympathize with the grandma.
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that's why high-powered fire hoses should be mandated. she should be able to drive around and blast these kids with high-powered water cannons. >> i'm surprised she didn't do a warning shot with the gun before you go for the kid. >> then you ruin your ceiling. if there is somebody out there they will be pooping in a bag for the rest of their lives. speaking of bill, here is an uniting truth about stories like this. as long as you put elderly in front of everybody it becomes more adorable. like, it was an elderly woman. if it was just a woman she didn't have to do it, but elderly makes it different. >> when i shoplift at barnes & noble, it is oh bad on you. we will send you to jail. when a granny does it it is like, look at her. she probably just forgot to pay. she didn't forget to pay. >> i think the fact it is a
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woman makes it different. some of the neighbors say they used to harass us too. i used to run out of my home and they would run away. a woman runs out and we are not that scary. >> unless you are joy bajar. >> and then it is more problems. i think the reason kids bully grand grandmas is they think they won't fight back. i bully grandmas because i see creately have a crush on them. it is like pulling the pig tales of the one you like on the play under grow. and old ladies in the sack can teach you something. >> don't ask him that question. >> they have a lot of history. >> they know things. they have been around the block. maybe in a walker. >> i hope you get shock. >> i am very pro having sex with old people. >> you have turned this into something -- >> i am turning it into empower meant. welcome old lady america.
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>> you soiled the clean diaper that is this show. >> it is a partnership. >> was it self-defense? >> well, supposedly she called the cops. the cops did nothing. the lady is probably scared. she is in the house by herself. what are you going to do? should she be living that way and let the people harass her? >> and at what point do you begin to prosecute children? at what . are they responsible for their actions? and you said the grandma -- >> when they are living with their grandmothers. >> yeah, why doesn't the grandmother bear the burden for the responsibility of these children? >> look, that grand -- grandma was busy with me. >> they are making a movie out of this and it will be like clint eastwood in drag. >> granny torino. >> i had all day to think of that joke. i had all day to think of that. >> and you set it up perfect.
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>> what about old lady torino? old lady torino. >> that doesn't work. >> dirty harriet. >> i like granny torino. that was very inspiring. >> thank you. >> it angers me because i didn't come up with that. from pistols to pranks. he planned to seduce, but failed to produce. i am talking about james o'keefe whose latest escapade didn't go as planned. that's him there. he allegedly plotted to embarass cnn correspondent abbie by drow by using hidden cameras and then taped a meeting at which he would try to seduce her on a boat full of sexual props. the meeting was set up to discuss her request to uh attend the shooting of a music video featuring o'keefe about young con cive tiff activists. but e-mails and documents show
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he was going to punk her by hitting on her allegedly with the help of sex toys, lube, ceiling mirrors, candles, viagra, fuzzy handcuffs, a condemn jar and a blindfold. this sounds like john gibson's office. the usual suspects are angry, but even the media research center couldn't contain his disgust saying, quote, the mrc, i guess that's the media research council, recounts it. it is ugly, dishonest and filthy. maybe so, but what about this type of behavior? >> i imagine that is just fine. i wasn't offended by that at all. a terrible clip.
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>> so a bad gnaw poll yen -- bad gnaw -- nepolean dynamite. >> what do you make of him? is he an attention seeker? >> i thought conservatives loved this guy. i was under the impression -- look, -- >> nonresponsive. >> i don't think he is a journalist. he is a beauty queen. he is hijacking conservative issues to get attention. that statement was right. he is i'm ma you tour and is a kid. >> can i have a follow-up question? how about steven colbare. he punked congress and we had to pay for it. >> come on. >> it wasn't funny. >> it was totally funny. >> very good . >> no, because congress is like the dog food that makes its own gravy. it makes its own comedy and he just contributed to it. >> also, is it a punk if he is invited? >> that's the other thing. the problem with that is it
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was misguided because he was invited by democratic comic women. >> but it was very funny. >> i thought he was funnier at the correspondence dinner. >> i think that joke has gotten -- he plays the same character every night. it was funny the first 300 episodes of it. now i have seen it. >> you know what is hilarious is we were originally talking about o'keefe. here is my point i want to make -- he goes in and wants to punk this girl. to me it shows a healthy disdain for media. much like what i think bruno did when he tried to screw with ron paul. let's watch that. >> i used to be a dancer. >> get out of here. >> bill, what is the
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difference between that and what o'keefe was trying to do with cnn. >> the difference is we have all been there. are you kidding me in -- kidding me? where was the punk? the other thing is he never called himself a journalist. although o'keefe does and is not. never judge a man until you have walked a mile on his facebook page. let's go to the pictures i found on o'keefe's. i call this "i'm on a boat" with the hat in tow. now to the next one, please. this one i title, of course, "yes that makes sense." next one please. this is "broheim alert." it is him chilaxing with hi bros. they probably crashed and didn't pay the bill. now it is hard to see, but he is burning a $1 bill. this player is burning a $1
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bill. and as they rightly pointed out rkt -- i believe burning legal tender will get you jail time and the photo is there. >> i think if you are going to do that you burn a 20 or a 50. >> no, a dollar bill. >> what do you make of this? >> well, when they said like all the stuff they had, how did he do all that? handfuls of viagra? what was he going to do? >> they can become m&m's bill. >> i don't quite get it. would she have fell for that? >> well, thank you, i have been trying to get him speaking as the second female on the panel. when i hear what is on the boat, this is how he was going to seduce her? >> let's just hope he was wearing the cos costumes, the sailor hat. >> his argument was he believed cnn would portray
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conservatives as weird bigots. you know me, bill, going back years, i would have done the same thing. i did it with midgets at a conference. i was supposed to speak at a conference and i set loose midgets. you go, okay these people are going to make fun of us, let's do something weird. >> but you were making fun of the idea they were talking about bus. he didn't know cnn would do a hit job. >> i think we know. >> yeah, but it is better maybe to do a reaction to it that involves a punking, but by doing this and not knowing they were going to do that he has written the story and allowed them to do that. >> good point. >> well, what is your impression of o'keefe? >> i don't know why we all worship michael moore and steven colbare and go down this guy's throat? and a girl was apparently working with o'keefe and ran out to the cnn car and warned the cnn reporter.
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for all we know she would be rolling in the condoms right now. >> i want to do the booger story next. i want to say this,-- i do. we forgot to do it last night. here is my point, excellent point about michael moore. the left has been good at this thing forkers yew. they started with abbie hoffman. they embrace the pranksters. we on the right don't have pranksters. this is our first one, and not very good at it. it will get better over time. at least he has a healthy disdain for media, but there is probably something -- >> yeah, like don't hang out with that girl. i want to move on. >> nothing worse than a snitch, anne. >> good point. >> snitches are not that bad, and i am not a girl. sorry, james, i didn't think it was that funny. >> the person working with him turned him in. now i want to warn everyone what you are about to
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see is disturbing and to myself highly arousing. while reporting on a local bed bug infestation, an on camera co-worker was dealing with an infestation of her own. let's let the tape do the talking. >> experts say it is also important you try to keep the bed bugs out of your home. the best way when you stay in a hotel you may want to use a plastic bag. experts say it is also important that you try to keep the bed bugs out of your home the best way when you stay in a hotel. you might want to use a plastic bag. >> that was my video pick of the week. i don't know why we are going to do this, but we need to see it in slow-mo again? >> they say it is also important you try to keep the bed bugs out of your home the best way when you stay in a hotel. you might want to use a plastic bag. >> did she know she was on camera when she did this, or is this the most embarassing
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moment in her life? for that we go to tim stevens. >> a large piece of forest which is going to be -- i'm trying to do a piece. do you mind? oh, he likes it. oh, sharp nails. >> oh, monkey see, monkey do. haven't we all done this? >> i don't think i have done it since elementary school. but this girl has to be horrified. she will have to quit her job and leave town. this is awful. >> i feel bad are to her. but she was looking right at the camera. >> you feel awful, greg, let's see it in slow-mo. >> i think she forgot the camera was there. >> i would feel bad for her if it was just a pick. if it was just a pick i would feel bad for her. she crossed the line. i no longer feel good.
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>> i can't believe you should look at that tape and say there for the grace of god are you. >> i wouldn't be picking boogers. >> no, you would be snorting. >> not true. >> by the way, how do you think i supplement the old income. >> what do you do now if you are her? what do you do? >> i just think -- >> do you go back to work? >> that is the most -- [laughing] >> what? we get our best people through the pick. >> "red eye" internship. >> look, that poor girl, you get one mistake like that every five years. don't worry about it. don't be sad. don't be sad. you ate it. >> it could be worse. it is not as humiliating as being keith oberman. >> i am told he is a picker.
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>> he is a griller. you know what is for dinner. >> should we move on? dismie should -- should babies double as holiday throw pillows? anne couter -- coulter shares her idea. and what is the world's weepiest song? we report. f@@
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their hot buns were not welcome at his bakery. a bakery in indianapolis refused an iu student's cup cake order because it was not straight enough. parker ordered said cup cakes from the name, just cookies, to celebrate national coming out day. not that i need to tell you,
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but it is totally october 11th. i just bought a dress. should beingly, the mall joint turned him down. now to tape of sean -- shan? who cares,. >> i don't know why they would do that. >> and the co-owner's explanation for the denial? >> we are a family-run business. we have two impressionable daughters. and we felt it would be best not to do that. >> let's go live to our gay lifestyle correspondent for analysis. what do you make of this story? >> the yawning lemur is a c plus. >> stop being on the fence.
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>> whether the owny of the cup cake place was being pig headed or not, he has a right to deny. >> what he said was ridiculous. so if he puts the rainbows on, they become lesbians? the minute he does the last cup cake they start making out. >> that is exactly how i became a lesbian. >> but if you are a grown man and you go into a cup cake store you probably are gay. >> i am walking down 6th avenue and i see the lip out -- the line outside magnolia bay cory. -- bakery. what are you doing? >> cup cakes are gay, you are right. >> they used to be a step child, and suddenly they are popular. they were like your mother used to make them, get out of here. now they are the big deal. >> they were kids who cooperate -- who couldn't afford big cakes. we called them poverty cakes.
3:25 am
>> you are eating the soprano canolie or biting a sex and the city. >> you deny them rainbows, but they can call it out. it is not good for business. >> apparently cup cakes are recession proof because he can turn down the money. the issue is did he deny service? did he just -- >> deny the cup cake? >> right. that's the gray area. well, it is a colorful area. it is not like he refused to serve these customers. but this little niche -- >> yeah, i just can't do the rainbows, anne. that's what he said, can't do the rainbows. >> i think you are takening it lightly. this is the worst horror show i have heard of since the holocaust and the jim crowe laws. that man could not get a rainbow on his cup cake. >> yeah, but the difference between a [bleep] >> that was terrible. that was illustrating bigotry
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in all the awful ways. end of scene. >> i am moving on from that. >> you always win. do you have a comment? e-mail us. and to leave a voicemail call 212-462-5050. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by panda gators. the animals they thought were extinct, but ended up being deadly and adorable at the same time. thanks panda gators.
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still arguing about cup cake -- cup cakes. now we go to andy levy. how is your leg? is it feeling better? >> yeah, i would say about 38% better. >> excellent. >> what happened to your leg? >> it is a long story. 68-year-old woman shoots brat who threw bricks into her house. for the record i tweeted granny to ry no earlier. >> but he wouldn't have used it on the show. >> yes, i had it in the script. >> are you uh accusing me? >> no, it is one of the great minds thinks a lot. >> that's code for plagiarism. >> i would never do that. my lawyer will talk more to you about it. ann, you took issue with greg saying some of the neighbors questioned the shooting. you said as far as you could
3:31 am
tell from your bill shultzy reading, only the grandmother said anything about that. one neighbor in addition to the grandmother said it was crazy to shoot the boy. >> the grandfather. >> i don't think so because the name was dominique. >> don't judge. >> i am not judging, no judgments. >> judging is wrong. >> it is wrong. another neighbor was asked the boy's name and they said, quote, i call him the little bad boy." >> great nickname. >> steve, you said you are surprised the woman didn't fire a warning shot first. i said good for her not wasting am mow in a recession. greg you said you hope bill is shot by an old lady. >> i do. i stand by that comment. >> i do too as long as it was a euphemism. >> o'keefe, greg you mentioned owe keep -- o'keefe planned to use viagra, fuzzy happened cuffs, and a jar.
3:32 am
o'keefe, i want my [bleep] back. >> those poor cats. the things you do to them and their cat cuffs. >> meow is not consent, andy. >> meow means yes. >> it is yes and a safe word. >> you thought conservatives love o'keefe. some did, some didn't. >> well, that's tighty. >> and we don't all worship michael moore, but his being an [bleep] doesn't excuse o'keefe being a [bleep]. i'm sorry, but he is a [bleep]. >> doing prank journalism, it doesn't have to be michael moore. it can be -- >> what about the yes man? >> or showing alley g. >> look at the prank they pulled on nixon. that is crazy. >> guys, here is the deal, beaudreax told rick sanchez that part of the script called
3:33 am
for the prank to end with her in tears begging to be let off the boat. that goes beyond a prank, and my guess is it will be criminal. >> but it didn't happen. >> but that was part of their -- that's from the notes cnn got that were leaked to them. >> by the mark woman. >> andy, to be fair, the end of the notes said lol. i don't want to absorb them -- absolve them. >> one of the other note that was part of their plan said, james, should have a more sleezy persona than possible. i don't think it is possible. first he poses as a pimp and then a phone repairman and then someone who could actually saw seduce -- seduce a woman. >> i want to see half as much time spent on denouncing steven colbare for his idiotic report where he is making fun
3:34 am
of normal americans -- >> again, that is congress being stupid. >> he accepted he wasted everybody's time and my money. >> i agree. >> the problem is with o'keefe he forces us to waste our breath. >> and i am glad beaudreax is okay after talking with rick sanchez. boo im -- booger-eating girl. you bagged on her, and in this economy you do what you have to do. god speed booger eating girl, god speed. >> it is portable food. good to go. >> steve, you asked what this girl should do next. i say she goes back to work head held high with a finger in the air. bakery refuses to make gay cup cakes. so bakery co-owner david
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stockton says, quote, we are a family-run business with two impressionable daughters and thought maybe it was best not to make the cup cakes. if you make the cup cakes, don't name your place "just cookies." that sends the impression that it is okay to lie. and john, i'm with you. he has a right not to make them if he doesn't want to. gays purchase more cup cakes per capita more than any other demographic. >> but you agree thea are not totally gay. they are delicious. >> they are fantastic. me and my bros like to eat them all the time. >> i understand cup cakes, but why are there lines for them? that is sick. >> you don't know what they put on top of the cup cake. >> that's bill's part-time job. >> why do you have to take it to the next level? >> i am done. >> thank you, andy, go away ?ie. they are like onions for your ears. they are tunes that make men
3:36 am
weep like something that weeps. a british survey conducted by something called the royal collection society asked which songs were more likely to make him cry. rem's "everybody hurt" that sucks as much as it is sad" tears in heaven" followed by "-- by leonard cohen. "nothing compares to you." by sinead o'connor and "with or without you" by u-2. read the rest for yourself. anyway, the survey asks what the olson twins-iest song was. and this won. >> ♪ p-i-z-z-a, oh pizza >> no way. >> ♪ get your moat motor running ♪
3:37 am
♪ here we go ♪ oreo's ♪ marshmellows ♪ caramel coconut cream >> oh my goodness. steve, you are a sensitive guy. what songs make you weep? >> i think "tears in heaven" it was sad because of what happened to eric clapton's son, so you are associating that. if you just heard it by itself -- >> you wouldn't know. >> i think "streets of philadelphia" that's a very sad song if you saw the movie. and at the end of the movie it is sad. you know what i'm saying? i don't bust outcrying. >> don't they discover a cure at the end? >> i thought "streets of philadelphia" was actually about the streets of philadelphia and i thought, this song stinks. >> you ever seen the movie "bang the drum slowly"? >> yes! oh the movie, no.
3:38 am
>> it is a hobby. >> you can hit him. >> "streets of loredo" sad song having to do with the movie. >> how about you, anne? any song? >> only that fleet wood mac song that reminds me of the clintons. >> "don't stop thinking about tomorrow." >> on my i-pod. >> that ruined the song. what about you? >> i cry gravel. you know patty klein, i left my nipple in bourbon. >> you know what song makes me cry, i have a tape of it -- >> ♪ baby i like it ♪ the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby i like it ♪ come on give me some more >> that's enriquey gleys yis. >> you cry percent operation because you dance so hard.
3:39 am
>> i weep while listening to that song. >> binging on cup cakes. >> bill, last word. >> i don't have to tell you which song makes me cry at least once a day. and i tell them the same answer all the time. every single song on the 1980 album "super trooper" by one abba. aside from putting on a white saw -- you know "puting on a white sombrero" is a song for cocaine. they were a hard partying group. so, should murder be legal if you are hot? anne coulter explains her latest cause. and what is the plot line to the newest movie? here is hoping it involves the words full frontal and nudity.
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>> i would rather not. >> well, they were kind of looking at you. >> i might fall asleep. >> well, you got me all boxed in. i was perfectly comfortable, and now i am all boxed in. >> there are plenty of other seats in the other car. >> why didn't you sit there? >> then you strangle her. >> that's in the next scene. >> it is amazing. >> it is like you knew how to do it. >> and then i eat her boogers. that's the next scene. >> it is called "the hungry ghost" about a bunch of ghosts that refuse to leave an all you can eat buffet. just kidding. it is five new yorkers looking for sensual fulfillment. it hit theaters this friday, and it has earlier reviews that call you a pleasure to watch. we knew that. >> who wrote that? did you write that?
3:44 am
>> i think he did when it was a chestful of nipple. >> tell me about who you are in this film. >> it is about five dysfunctional new yorkers. because there are only five in all of new york city. it is about five characters that are trying to really get themselves together. they are having big problems. >> do you have a drug problem? >> i have a drug problem, alcohol problem, late night radio host, estranged from his son, divorced. it is five of us, and at the end of the movie we come together in a certain way. even is trying to just find themselves. i play a guy named frank. and it is not the drugs and alcohol that is the problem. it goes much deeper. >> it always is. i hear there is a yoga class scene in this movie. it was the most absurd yoga class ever filmed.
3:45 am
>> you can see me doing yoga. that's at the end of the movie. >> do you do yoga? >> yes, of course. don't i look like i do yoga? >> i think it is a tool of the devil. i think yoga is a tool of the devil. >> i don't do yoga. but the movie has a spiritual side. it is gritty. michael wrote a great movie. the movie he wrote is on the screen. >> very talented guy. >> he did what he president whated. true independent film. shot all in new york city. >> i love his tequilla commercials. >> he is a good guy, talented guy. his new show is a hit, "detroit 187" couldn't have happened to a better guy. >> you are in a clint eastwood film coming out tomorrow? >> comes out october 22nd. >> it is called "hereafter." what do you do in that? >> i play a cooking teacher. like an em ry l type. i worked three days with clint who was delightful. >> that has to be incredible.
3:46 am
i imagine him like the old, awesome neighbor who doesn't give you back your frisbie. >> he was a really nice guy. very pleasant. we spoke a lot. he has the same people around him. he doesn't yell action when you start a scene. it is no action, no cut. that's enough of that. >> i tell you something, clint doesn't need cup cakes. >> i asked him, clint, do you want a cup cake? >> what do i look like grann torini? >> what was that a granny torino? >> he will eat a bison and then crap a cup cake. >> no he will eat a cup cake and it comes out a bison. >> and you worked with matt damon. how is that? >> a good guy, regular guy. >> darn it. >> why? >> that movie "green zone" i
3:47 am
want to hit him in the face. >> he is a regular guy from boston, a good guy, father, regular guy. he would be great on the panel. he is a good guy. >> damon spelled backwards is nomad. think about it. >> why do you waste my time? i'm curious, have you been watching "jersey shore"? i don't -- >> i don't watch it. i have seen it. they rang the bell at the stock exchange. the stock of the human race went down. there is an old italian word that means [bleep]. that's what i think of "the jersey shore." >> it was in july and you subed for hoda on "the today show." >> yes. >> is everyone drunk on the show? >> they like to have a few in the morning. you know kathy lee is knocking
3:48 am
them down. >> i love it! >> that's why i watch. it is amazing. >> when "red eye" started we thought, we better do it drunk, no, we better not. here are two women in their late 40s getting drunk. >> we remind you, it is early in the morning. >> yeah, 10:00. >> and we are not doing that and they are. how did they become edgier than us? we are losers. still doing "secret life of the american teenager." >> yes. going into our third season. the show is great. it is doing very well. every 15-year-old girl in the country watches the show. >> that's why i watch it. >> it is a great show. i love doing it. >> that's how i learn what teenage girls like when i go on-line and pretend i am captain beautiful. >> this is getting uglier and uglier. >> my name is torrance birch wood, model agent to the stars. i happen to know everything about 15-year-old girls. anyway, i have to go.
3:49 am
"the hungry ghost" opens everywhere this friday. check it out. coming up, a kitten and some chop sticks.
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>> that impressed me a lot, but not enough to let him go. but still. >> i haven't heard that in awhile. it is time for messages for greg. kickback, relax and feast your eyes on a kitten eating with chop sticks as we bathe your ears with warm, soapy words. >> everyone gets a glass of water? can't you get coffee mugs and have a little class? my god. >> greg, i have been watching the show for two years now. i have come to the conclusion
3:54 am
that bill shultz is craze yes, sir than a [bleep] house rat. >> just a shout out to "red eye" and bill for staying schwag weed, man i feel you on that one. >> i love you, bill. i love your small head, your long neck and your curly hair. >> who would be better than in the leg chair? sc-cupp or a female unicorn? my vote is for sc. >> great show tonight. next time do you think we can get him to show us how to pull bill's bones out through his finger tips? >> that was adorable. anyway, keep calling me on my direct line, 212-462-5050. we will close things out with a post game wrap up with tv's andy levy. and to see clips of recent
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coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye" you know him as our inter planetary correspondent. he will be returning to the program. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, torrance. where can i find your moving, thoughtful and soon to be pulitzer prize-winning article on the greatest article ever made? >> go to premiere .com and check out my incredible piece of pros. >> it will be a positive story. >> i love the movie. changed my life. >> great. >> anne, portland, chicago, twitter, go. >> i am in portland this -- oregon this friday. i am in chicago next thur, october 7th. and as of last night i am always on twitter.
3:59 am
>> i just started following. >> that's at anne coulter. >> and you can find it at anne coulter .com. and in response to the caller, calling bill crazier than a [belief] rat. they are dashing and clever and famed for their wit. >> so greg is nothing like one of umber, you must

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